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Display information will help shoppers pick out Manx meat

POSTED Mon at 9:31 am

New tickets of origin will make it simpler for shoppers to identify Manx meat in supermarkets and butchers’ shops. The tickets will be displayed on fresh meat counters of participating retailers to indicate that beef, pork, lamb and goat is Manx reared and slaughtered. The distinctive tickets will state the meat’s place and date of purchase, whether direct from a farm or from the Meat Plant. Retailers will sign and display a Butcher’s Charter as a pledge of accuracy, explaining the tickets to customers. The tickets complement food provenance labels launched by Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK in May, which indicate foodstuffs, including pre-packed meats, are ‘Made in the Isle of Man’ or ‘Produce of the Isle of Man’. The Butcher’s...

Sea and Air Cadets recognised in Tynwald Day 2017 Best Turned Out awards

POSTED Mon at 9:22 am

The Isle of Man Sea Cadet Corps has been awarded Best Turned Out Unit and 440 (1st Manx) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadet Sergeant Rebecca Stokes Best Turned Out Individual on parade at the 2017 Tynwald Day ceremony. In recognition, the President of Tynwald, Steve Rodan MLC, presented Sub-Lieutenant Nathan Rogers RNR, representing the Sea Cadet Corps, with a signed certificate and an engraved plaque, and Sergeant Stokes with a certificate and winner’s shield. Sub-Lieutenant Rogers said: ‘We’re all extremely proud to have achieved this honour, the first time for us in 15 years. Over the past four years our numbers have grown considerably from some six cadets and three staff to 41 cadets and 15 staff, and for this year’s ceremony there...

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