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Arbory Welcome’s Positive News from Highways Chiefs

by LC

New plans to introduce traffic calming measures in Ballabeg were discussed at a recent meeting between Arbory Parish Commissioners, Member for Highways, David Anderson MLC and Director of Highways Services, Jeff Robinson. The plans will include safer crossing points for pedestrians at Friary Park and the Parish Hall and it is planned for the works to be completed next summer.

Chair of Arbory Commissioners, Jane Glover, explained that there had been ongoing issues concerning the Friary Park entrance, particularly the difficulty for younger and older pedestrians crossing the road at the junction. Mrs Glover welcomed the new scheme saying “while we recognise that the proposed new scheme may not significantly increase the use of the junction by pedestrians, and so reduce the congestion outside Arbory School at pick up and drop off times, the Commissioners fully appreciate that the junction is not an easy or safe place for pedestrians to cross.”

The Commissioners have agreed to support the revised scheme, provided that there is no adverse impact in relation to drainage and they will also look to improve the street lighting at the junction. The safety features also include build out works and a crossing point by the Parish Hall and the Commissioners hope that all the new safety features will encourage more parents to walk with their children to school in the mornings.

Mrs Glover continued “while we had our colleagues from DoI Highways Services present we thanked them for the speed and efficiency with which they deal with most of our queries. We have a positive working relationship now between the DoI and the Commissioners and look forward to continuing to play our part in maintaining the parish’s infrastructure. The government’s Report a Problem app is very effective in getting problems fixed, but I would also like to thank ratepayers who contact the Commissioners about highways issues as we have been largely successful working with DoI in getting problems fixed.”

Director of Highways Services, Jeff Robinson, was also very positive about the meeting and progress which is being made. He explained “designing roads that are both convenient for motorists and safe for pedestrians is not an easy task, but we are always keen to work with local communities to make improvements where practicable. Discussions with the Commissioners, local parents and the Department have been on going now for a few years, so we are pleased that the scheme will be progressed next summer, giving safer pedestrian access throughout Ballabeg. We are pleased also to note the positive approach Arbory Parish Commissioners have taken in fulfilling the services transferred to them a few years ago.”

Other matters discussed included the speed of traffic through Ballabeg and Colby, the possibility of making the Cronk y Thatcher and Cronk Cullyn estates a speed restricted Home Zone, and requests that the remaining unimproved parts of the pavement between Colby and Arbory School be brought up to standard. The Commissioners are also considering increasing the use of “Smiley SID” speed warning signs, to encourage motorists to drive more responsibly within the parish.

Further details of the meeting can be found by visiting Arbory and clicking on the November Minutes.

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