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Pack your duffel bags, grab your guitars and get ready to rock at Camp Rock: The Musical!

by LC

Pack your duffel bags, grab your guitars and get ready to rock at Camp Rock: The Musical! - picture

Ramsey Grammar is performing "Camp Rock" on the 18th, 19th and 20th October.  Tickets are on sale from the school's West Office.  Adults £3.50/Concessions £2.50.

Join Mitchie, Shane, Nate, Jason, Tess, Caitlyn, Dana and the gang for an all-singing, all-dancing, all-swimming extravaganza! (All right, no swimming, but you get the picture) Camp Rock: The Musical combines your favourite songs and the characters you love from the original movies Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam into one funny, heartfelt, and exciting theatrical experience.

At Camp Rock, “it’s all about the Music,” and that is true of the characters in the show as it is for you, our incredible audience! From the joyous optimism of ‘Brand New Day’ to the deeply personal “This Is Me,” from the raucous abandon of “Heart and Soul” to the quirky charm of “Introducing Me,” each song is a true reflection of what it’s like to be a teenager in love – with music, with life, and romance. And each musical number will make you want to dance in the aisles!

As the new girl Rosie quickly learns, camp is always fun and unpredictable. Will Tess lead Opening Jam? Will Mitchie and Shane ever get together? But this particular summer, the campers are really up against it when Camp Star, a new camp across the lake threatens to put Camp Rock out of business. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the characters have to figure out how to be true to themselves, while working as a team. At times it’s like an impossible goal. But as absolutely any Camp Rocker would tell you, “This Is What We Came Here For” – to learn, to grow, to trust, and to make friends that will last a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness amazing talent, witty dialogue and dance-the-night-away music!

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