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Consultation on proposed Central Registry Bill

by LC

The Department of Economic Development has launched a consultation on a draft Bill giving statutory effect to the formation of the Central Registry.

John Wilkinson, Director of the Central Registry, commented:

‘The proposed Bill will formalise the new Central Registry structure which has been in place since 2015. The new structure has seen improved efficiency of services and improved customer delivery through a number of centralised functions’

‘The consultation seeks to raise awareness of the draft Bill and seeks comments regarding the structure and the required legislative amendments.’

Following a report by the General Registry and its subsequent approval by the Government Reform Group the General Registry was restructured on 1st April 2015 as part of Government's ongoing programme to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided to the public.

The changes included the transfer of the Land, Deeds and Probate, and Civil Registries, Charities Register and the Public Record Office to the Department of Economic Development (DED), where they were merged with the Companies Registry to form the new Central Registry

The Central Registry is currently performing the transferred functions via delegated authority from the Chief Registrar as a full transfer requires changes to primary legislation. The Central Registry Bill is intended to give effect to said transfer of functions to DED.

The closing date for the receipt of responses is 15 September 2017. A summary of the responses will be published after the consultation has closed.

View the full consultation online at:


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